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SelfSmart  |  Hear David: SelfSmart Intro

SelfSmart (intrapersonal intelligence)

This intelligence involves knowledge of the internal aspects of the self such as knowledge of feelings, the range of emotional responses, thinking processes, self-reflection, and a sense of or intuition about spiritual realities.

SelfSmart allows us to be conscious of our consciousness; that is, to step back from ourselves and watch ourselves as an outside observer does.

At the heart of SelfSmart are our human self-reflective abilities by which we can step outside of ourselves and think about our own lives.

This is the introspective intelligence. It involves our uniquely human propensity to want to know the meaning, purpose, and significance life. It involves our awareness of the inner world of the self, emotions, values, beliefs, and our various quests for genuine spirituality.

How many of the following are true for you?

You have a profound love for the outdoors, animals, plants, and almost any natural object.

You are fascinated by and noticeably affected by the weather, changing leaves in the fall, the sound of the wind, the warm sun or lack thereof, or an insect in the room.

At a young age you were a nature collector, adding bugs, rocks, leaves, seashells, and sticks to your collections.

As a child you brought home all manner and kinds of stray animals.

You have several pets in your life and want more.

You tend to have an affinity with and respect for all living beings.

Conditions in nature, such as sunshine, the wind, and the changing seasons dramatically change your moods.

This intelligence is the most private and requires all other intelligences to express itself, such as language, art, music, dance, symbols, and interpersonal communication with others.nvolves the full range of knowing that occurs in and through your encounters with the natural world, including your recognition, appreciation, and understanding of the natural environment