Send A Heartfelt Card To Someone You Care About
A Friend, A Family Member, A Colleague At Work,
A Customer Or Client, Your Business Team.

(In Under 10 Minutes We'll Have Your
Card Off To That Someone Special!)

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Everyone loves to get heartfelt messages of appreciation, encouragement, congratulations, or "thinking about you" in the mail.

In our fast paced world, sending a personalized card can seem like a job that we just don’t have time for. Using our system it's so easy, fun, and much less expensive than going out and buying a card at a store.

It's also more personal because you can create your own message, in your own handwriting, and even upload your own pictures to your card.

A real, physical card delivered, by the postoffice, beats an e-mail card hands down!

With our system you can send a card via the postoffice in exactly the same time that it takes you to choose, write and send an e-card – except it's a real card and a whole lot better. Why not send a card on us today?

Your Personal iCare Card:

I'm offering you a complimentary test drive of our unique and fun card sending-system. Experience first hand the power of sending several greeting cards to people you care about today! (It takes less than 10 minutes and will cost you nothing.)

Just CLICK HERE to set up your complimentary gift account.

You'll be able to:

Choose from our catalog of over 15,000 cards.
Upload your own pictures into your card.
Send it anywhere in the world.
Post your real greeting card without leaving your home.

Our greeting cards are printed on high quality, recyclable cardboard, sent via US postal service with a first class stamp. Cards are printed on demand and usually arrive within 2-3 days after you hit the "Send" button.

You'll be guided through the process of sending several cards by an online video tutorial. It's SO easy and SO fun and it will mean SO much to those people you reach out and touch with your heartfelt card!

CLICK HERE to set up your test drive right now.

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